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Cassidy portret150px.jpgWay-Out's Cassidy is our breeding product of our Cybelle and Bethrob Kes of Ruadth (a splendid robust dark golden). He was born in June 2008 and in the meantime his son Flatgold's Always Adorable Alpha has come to live with us.


C-class degree GRCN Zwolle 15-03-2009 (at the age of 9 months, 7 days!)
3rd Place C-class Working-Test NLV in Borculo 22-08-2009 (youngest dog)
1st Place C-class Working-Test GRCN Haaksbergen 25-10-2009 (youngest dog)
2nd Place Starters-class OWT GRCN in Weert 06-03-2010
1st ZG at het Fokdag in Zwolle on 11-04-2010
2nd Place B1-class Working Test GRCN Spaarnewoude on 25-04-2010
3rd Place Starters class ORWEJA Working Test in Vught on 11-07-2010
Very Good (ZG) at the Novice Field Trial of the NRC Kruisland 03-08-2010
3rd Place A-class KNJV-contest GRCN in Dongen 17-09-2011
2nd Good (G) at the Special Field trial of the GRCN in Groot-Ammers 24-10-2011
3rd Place in the Gold Cup 2011 in Veersemeer 19-11-2011

Way-Out’s Twinkle Little Star is the only puppy that is born out of the second litter of Cybelle, we have decided to keep her ourselves.
She is a smart and entrepreneurial dog and totally not afraid of anything new which comes on her way. First of all she is only going to play and grow into a big mature bitch. In combination with this she shall follow her obedient courses. After that we shall see what we are going to do. Due to a very serious abnormity in her left forehand, she cannot go picking up anymore or run in the matches.

Cybelle portret Catcombe Cybele was imported as a puppy from England in 2004. She was bred by Wendy & David Andrews of the Catcombe Kennel. She is our clown. Terribly smart and undertaking. Has gained a 1st place Field Trial Qualification. She is completely stealing the show when working on a shoot day. She is 8 years old now. In this way we continue our Way-Out’s line even further.

kayleigh portret Way-Out’s Kaleidoscope Kayleigh was born in 2004 out of the combination Way-Out’s Tricky Nicky X Dreamweaver Harvey. Again a beautiful golden with a real “golden” character. Sweet and soft for children en eager and attentive at the shoot. Only she is very unlucky with her health. But even with her bad hip she still goes for a long walks every day and going on the shoot where she shows all of her naturally bred gundog qualities. It is a real pity we had to stop our original breeding line here. But we think it is not responsible to breed a litter with her.

nicky Way-Out’s Tricky Nicky was born in 1999 out of the combination of Way-Out’s Always Amazing Amy X F.Ch. Unexpected from Narrow Garden. A beautiful gundog. A little bit self minded, something that she can excellently use when she is on the shoot with her handler. She also has a lot of A-diploma’s and Field Trial Qualifications. With her we bred a litter of only two puppies. Because she could not walk or get up anymore, we had to let her go over the rainbow.

amy-portret.jpg Way-Out’s Always Amazing Amy was bred in 1995 out of the combination of Way-Out’s Only Waterwitch X Eager Sam v.d. Woudstreek. She has a quiet and stable character taking after her father which was used for the Dutch Breeding Program for Blind people. She is more serious than her mother. She has gained many A-diploma’s and Field Trial Qualifications. We bred one litter with her resulting in 10 puppies. One of her sons, Way-Out’s Hunting Yoram has entered into the NIMROD. At the age of 15 years we had to let her go. She has been the sunshine in our house and we shall miss her way of seeing life as one big bunch of fun !!!!!!

only-portret.jpg Way-Out’s Only Waterwitch was bred in 1991. She is the daughter of Jevgenya’s Velvet Amber X Hey Gentle van Renje. She was a real “golden” bitch. She has gained a lot of A-diploma’s, Field Trial Qualifications and together in a team of dogs from J. Labruyere & J. Roos has scored a second place in the I.W.T. in Germany in 1994. This Team entered again in the I.W.T. in Belgium in 1995. Apart from this she was the mother of 15 siblings, of which Way-Out’s Joy, Way-Out’s Orion and Way-Out’s Crackerjack Ginny have put their marks on the Dutch Breeding of Working Golden Retrievers. Her daughter Way-Out’s Elfra was a competitor at the NIMROD. She has always been a very happy and attending dog until she died at almost 15 years of age.

amberportret.jpg Jevgenya's Velvet Amber was bred in 1984 by Nia Klemann. She was a beautiful dual purpose golden. A lovely sweet good looking companion for us and the children and full of passion when she went on the shoot. She gained a lot of A-diploma's en has taken part in the NIMROD.