News 2017

Hereby the news that our last golden came to live with us. Her name is "Bright and Breezy v.d. Zarina Zarola". But we call her “Flicka”. She is bred by Barbara Staal-de Jong.

It is a promising bitch which is very enterprising. She is at the very beginning of her dog's life and will first have to learn the basic obedience. At the same time she is going to a puppy Gundog training. Then we shall see what our further plans are with her. Certainly picking up game at the hunting site will be an important part of her life.


But for the time being she should be naughty like all little puppies are and we shall enjoy seeing her grow up into a healthy golden.

Hereby the news that we stopped the breeding of golden retrievers.



01860001-150x211px.jpg What started in 1962 only as a dream has turned into reality today !

Since 1991 we breed beautiful dark golden retrievers. Our Amber is the godmother. Only, her daughter and her granddaughter Amy both died at the high age of 15 years. Her great-granddaughter Nicky died at the age of 13 years. Her great-great granddaughter Kayleigh (8) is still living with us and enjoying her life every day. We have imported Cybele from England to accompany them. In 2008 Cybele gave us her outstanding son Cassidy followed by her daughter Twinkle born in 2011 who we had to let go at the age of two. In December 2012 Cassidy's son called Alpha joined our household.

With our new dog Alpha we are starting the new year with great courage. First he has to follow all his obedience courses. After that the fun starts with André taking part in the gundog training. He is the son of our Cassidy who still shall take part in the competitions this year.